Better prices. Better data.
Better credit decisions.

Our Mission

Inspired by the need for more reliable, high-quality and actionable insights into public and private companies, and annoyed by the high prices for the information businesses need to reduce credit risk, we are committed to one simple mission:

To provide you with high-quality, reliable business information solutions you need to reduce credit risk and increase revenue—at attractively low prices.

The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to information, you can have the best of both worlds: high quality solutions at low prices. Technology is more powerful and less expensive than ever before. Your business credit solutions should be, too.

With easy-to-read credit reports as low as $2.50 and a customer monitoring solution at about $3 a day, we provide you with powerful solutions that can be easily incorporated into your credit processes. Thousands of credit teams use Cortera side-by-side with other vendors to expand their credit data coverage and improve their credit risk management.

Award Winning Solutions

We’re keenly aware that when you’re successful, we’re successful. That’s why we’ve spent the past 20 years delivering award winning credit and business information solutions that have enabled thousands of credit teams like yours to cost-effectively reduce and manage their credit risks.