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Drawing upon real-time information contributed by America's largest credit community, we analyze $1.7 trillion in B2B transactions to measure the current health — and predict the future — of every sector — company by company. Think of it as a credit search engine. It's free, and we invite you to contribute.

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It's essential data for every business who extends or requires credit — especially now.

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Richer and more accurate because it comes from tens of thousands of businesses in our community. They get our data — in return — for their contributions. An innovation in reciprocity that benefits all.

Billions of Business Interactions. One Place.

Introducing the Cortera MindUp™ Cloud It holds billions of business interactions — which our machine learning and AI make searchable and ready for analysis down to the company level — by industry, geography and other filters. Watch the video overview.

Easy to overlay first, second and third-party data for your own crunching.

Make the Science of Decisionomics Work for Your Business

Old-school credit data is limited by gaps and outdated info, forcing businesses to make risky choices in the dark.

Cortera's business community can make the right calls by integrating the insights of Decisionomics into its credit choices.

36 Million Business Locations

$1.7 Trillion in Annual B2B Transactions

45 Industry Segments

The Data That Gets People Talking

National Chemical Credit Association

Our department has been using Cortera Pulse for about five years for credit data and risk management. While we use a number of different credit sources, the data available from Cortera provides very good value and often gives us earlier warning on risk scenarios such as bankruptcies. I like to recommend Cortera Pulse because the monthly CFO Report and Portfolio Reports are insightful and user friendly.

Glenn Lifrieri, Executive Chairman of the Board

Samuel, Son & Co., Limited

As a Credit Manager, I always try to make sure we are spending our credit reporting dollars efficiently, and Cortera fits that mold for us. Pulse helps us take a proactive and responsible approach to Credit Management, allowing us to monitor our customers on a daily and monthly basis.

Ed Walsh, Credit Manager

Allied Affiliated Funding

Allied historically had not reported data to third parties. Cortera was the first service Allied used. We have been extremely impressed with the results and the daily updates on our debtors.

Gen Merritt-Parikh, Chief Operating Officer

M. Holland

Cortera’s reports on individual businesses as well as monthly reports on our portfolio provide us the information needed to make critical decisions in our business and when there is a question, the Cortera team is extremely responsive and super easy to work with.

Susan Fattore, Director of Credit

Caine & Weiner

Cortera's business intelligence provides us with critical data to best serve our clients. We are able to proactively advise our clients when they should initiate collections activity, which saves them precious DSO and maximizes their returns. Cortera is a longstanding and reliable partner in support of Caine & Weiner's mission to provide excellence in accounts receivable management. Their contribution to our co-branding efforts bolsters our brand and reputation. Our symbiotic relationship is a win-win for credit professionals.

Joe Batie, Chief Commercial Officer

Helping You Decide Smarter — That's Our Mission

Access to our MindUp Cloud and the data it houses is truly a gift. And by becoming a part of our contributing community, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Our fresh, current data will enable you to make better and more prudent credit decisions.

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He's Deciding Smarter Because Our Team is Behind Him

Everyone at Cortera is passionately committed to helping businesses with under 500 people — roughly, we're not using an abacus — have access to the credit data they need to thrive and grow. It's an essential part of the American economy — now more than ever — and it's been desperate for innovation. We're here to change that.