Our Story

Cortera is bringing insight, innovation and community to the world of commercial credit — specifically businesses under 500 people. We have the largest database of credit interactions attributable to these businesses — and their vendors — ever assembled. Over a trillion and a half data points! Our insights are available across 45 supplier categories and down to the company level.

Our clients find this to be invaluable information for making data-informed, business-defining decisions about if and when to extend credit — what we call the science of Decisionomics™.

This data is maintained and analyzed, using AI and machine learning, in the Cortera MindUp™ Cloud. We call it "community data" because companies freely contribute their information, and get free monitoring, data and analytics in return. This reciprocity is core to our values.

These businesses — which are the heart and soul of the American economy — have been woefully underserved by companies who have been over-charging for incomplete and outdated data, for decades. Those days are over.

Cortera's data is also valuable to investors, analysts, consultants, and others for whom our bottom-up economic view adds an otherwise unavailable set of inputs to their Decisionomics-led risk and opportunity assessment.

While many of our data and analytics products are free, some power users will pay for more sophisticated analyses and access to our API.

Today, Cortera network coverage spans over 36M business locations and $1.7 trillion in annual spend.

Jim Swift

President & CEO

Cortera was started by Jim Swift — who is one of the industry's true pioneers — with the conviction that free and accurate credit data can support the health and growth of small-and mid-sized businesses, in good times and otherwise.

CEIT - COVID-19 Economic Tracker

In April of 2020, Cortera launched its proprietary "CEIT - COVID-19 Economic Tracker," a free-to-all tool that brings granular insight into how different sectors have been damaged by the pandemic, and the trajectory for the recovery of each of them. Cortera's data is a leading indicator of bankruptcies, job loss, and employment growth.

Our Team

Jim Swift, Cortera President & CEO Jim Swift, Cortera President & CEO

Jim Swift

President & CEO

Jim has parlayed his boyhood fascination with sports statistics into a successful career as a data geek and business innovator – focusing on the essential role of credit in the growth and prosperity of private companies. As CEO of Cortera, his mission is to disrupt the B2B information universe by linking a revolutionary Credit Community to long overdue insights into businesses to help organizations improve sales performance and risk management.

Simply put, Jim believes that when companies contribute their data to Cortera and its MindUp™ Cloud, they should have access to free credit reports in return.

Prior to Cortera, Jim was the COO of LexisNexis Risk Management, a unit of Reed Elsevier that provides data solutions for customers in banking, insurance, law enforcement and other markets. Jim joined LexisNexis through its acquisition of Seisint, which was the largest acquisition of a venture backed company in 2004 at $775 million.

Joining Seisint pre-revenue as Executive Vice President, Jim held several leadership roles in product, partner, data, sales and marketing as the company grew to $120 million in revenue over a five-year period leading up to the acquisition by LexisNexis.

Earlier in his career, Jim spent several years at a technology and management consulting company working with companies to solve data management, analytics and process automation problems.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Liz, Devine Cortera Chief Information Officer Liz, Devine Cortera Chief Information Officer

Liz Devine

Chief Information Officer

Liz is responsible for the strategic direction and development of Cortera’s enterprise credit and collections software, as well as its business information data products and services. Prior to joining Cortera, Liz was a partner in Accenture’s Customer Relationship Management group, where she was the global lead for the Customer Data Management practice. Earlier in her career, Liz held various technical positions with Seisint and HiWay Technologies.

Like Jim, Liz worked for legacy companies where she learned how not to do things; she joined Cortera to shake up the industry, bringing her skills to a purpose-driven, entrepreneurial environment.

Liz holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Emory University and a Master of Science degree from the University of Washington.

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Greg Johnson, Cortera Chief Operating Officer Greg Johnson, Cortera Chief Operating Officer

Greg Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Greg, another big company refugee, serves as Cortera’s Chief Operating Officer. Greg has spent his entire career with data related enterprises where his experience ranges from the storage and management of data to software related solutions.

Greg spent over 16 years at EMC Corporation where among his many roles he led the creation of what became one of the largest manufacture captive finance organizations in the technology industry.  Additionally, Greg was instrumental in the creation and build out of numerous facets of the partner program at EMC with a focus on large strategic partnerships and the rapid entrance and success for EMC in the SMB space via a network of value added resellers.

Greg spent over 10 years with LexisNexis Risk Management, a unit of Reed Elsevier, building the Strategic Partner Program for LNRM and holding numerous other Senior Management roles in Sales and Operations with a keen focus on driving operational efficiency.  Greg led the integration of all Sales functions for LN’s $4.1 billion acquisition of ChoicePoint.

Greg went on to pursue his passion for small business leadership holding the position of Chief Operating Office for Social Solutions (a portfolio holding of Vista Equity Partners) focusing his efforts on the scaling of the Customer Support and Professional Services implementation teams. Most recently Greg was the Chief Revenue Officer for Interactive Data Intelligence, a Cogint Company (NASDAQ: COGT) and led the early stage growth in revenue for this up and coming consumer data provider.

Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Economics from St. Anselm College.

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Mike Landis

Chief Financial Officer

Mike serves as Cortera’s CFO. Prior to joining Cortera, Mike joined the founding management team of Ideal Image, a healthcare services company, in 2005. When Mike joined Ideal Image, it had no corporate clinics. During his tenure as CFO, Ideal Image grew to a nationwide network of clinics. Mike led the sale process where Steiner Leisure (NASDAQ: STNR) acquired the company for $175 million in cash in 2011.

Mike joined the founding management team for the startup software company, OpenNetwork Technologies, in 2000. Mike served on the Board and was the CFO for the company. Mike raised venture capital from world-class venture capital firms while the company won world-wide Global 2000 customers. Mike led the sale process where BMC Software (NYSE: BMC) acquired the company in 2005.

Mike co-founded a NASD licensed investment bank focused on private placements and corporate finance services for small to middle market companies. Mike sold the company to a larger investment bank in 1999.

Mike received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

Mike was named “CFO of the Year” in a competition sponsored by Chase, Financial Executives International & Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2011.

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