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A job description is a job description. They all sound the same. But Cortera is not the same, so we want to tell you a little about us, first. Cortera is changing the way that credit data about private companies is captured, analyzed and shared. Does that sound exciting to you? To us it’s a damn sexy business.

We have created a Credit Community, an open exchange where private companies contribute their A/R data, and in return have access to free credit reports on anyone in our network. This is 180-degrees different than old industry norms, where companies had to pay for data that was old, inaccurate, and basically useless.

That meant there was this giant void when it came to information about millions of small and mid-sized business. We’re filling that gap with accurate and timely data – it lives in MindUp™ Cloud – where it can be sliced and diced by industry, sector and geography – down to the atomic level of an individual company.

All this is made possible by our AI and big data engine that simply unmatched in the world of credit and analytics.
Armed and supported by Cortera data, companies can make better risk decisions – we call it the Science of Decisionomics – and grow their revenue and profit, while reducing liabilities and write-offs.

In March of 2020, we applied our expertise to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and launched our COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker. It has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo News, and Inc.

See why we say our business is damn sexy? Want to join our team and help us build a better credit data network for businesses in the US? Come and find out! Check often for our list of open positions.