Cortera Pulse

It would be invaluable even if it wasn’t free. Fortunately, it is.

Think of Cortera Pulse as your everyday credit analyst. It monitors your customer loan portfolio and notifies you with daily alerts on changing payment behavior, risk scores, business financial news, public record filings and more. This is essential information for your finance team to have in hand. In today’s fast-changing credit world, you can easily miss critical signals. As credit risks emerge, you can get ahead of them.

Free, Unlimited A/R Monitoring for our Community Members

Stop guessing about the creditworthiness of your accounts receivables.
Simply share it with Cortera - and as part of our community - we'll monitor it free of charge. We have the largest database of small and medium-sized companies. And it's continually updated. The process is fast, convenient and secure. Our mission is to enable businesses like yours to get the data they need in a treacherous world.

Monitor and analyze all your customers for credit risk and key changes/events, with our intuitive dashboard analytics

Review daily alerts about changes in your customers’ business behavior so you’re not blindsided

Watch Our Demo. Feel Our Pulse.

A Mission to Know Everything About Every Business

The bigger our Credit Community, the faster we can fill the information gaps about private businesses, providing our Cortera MindUp™ cloud with the data and insights we need to help you run the credit side of your business more effectively. We currently have thousands of contributors, and we invite you to join.

Join the Community

This is a radically different approach than the legacy players (that’s a nice way of saying “dinosaurs”) have practiced for decades. Their data gathering is incomplete and inaccurate, and they have the nerve to charge you for it! Time to change to a supportive community rather than a dysfunctional relationship.

Making Even More of Cortera

Cortera's proprietary credit data is the foundation of our three core product offerings, leveraging information that resides in our MindUp Cloud. Each product addresses different needs, and has been developed based on our intimacy with the business requirements of those for whom accurate and flexible data is central to the growth of their businesses and the effective management of their credit terms and accounts receivable status.

If you need our data in spreadsheet form, you’ve come to the right place. Simply upload spreadsheet information on any company you want to analyze, and in a matter of minutes, it gets populated with data from our MindUp Cloud – which can include valuable insights like the Cortera Buying Score, data about purchase behavior and payment information, as well as demographics.

To learn more about Boost, call (866) 589-0664 or sign up for a demo.

Cortera Boost


Our Cortera Business Credit Reports contain accurate, timely, and beautifully presented information about any company in our vast database. This information, including the Cortera Score, payment and spend behavior – both historically and in the moment – helps you make credit decisions based on our science of Decisionomics™. Our reports are competitively priced, starting from $2.50 to $6.00.

  • Get a glimpse into the future by viewing your company or prospect’s Cortera Score. Don’t assume past patterns will hold in the future – especially now.
  • Track spending behaviors and trends across different industries to gain insight into how different types of suppliers are paid in addition to access to legal entities, public records, relevant news and more.

To learn more about Cortera Business Credit Reports, call (866) 589-0664 or sign up for a demo.
Cortera Business Credit Report

Cortera eCredit is for high volume users seeking efficiency and productivity. We automate the entire scoring and collections process – including granting credit, monitoring risk, and collecting A/R, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks. This enables your people to focus on managing your portfolio for greater profitability and lower loss ratios, benefiting from the flexibility to customize Cortera’ Decisonomics – our scoring and credit decision making model – to your business.

For pricing and more information about Cortera eCredit, call (866) 589-0664 or sign up for a demo.

Cortera eCredit

The Data That Gets People Talking

Advantage Business Capital

We've been extremely impressed by both the quality and coverage of Cortera's information. Their score has worked beautifully.

Jammye Reeves, Credit Manager

Allied Affiliated Funding

Allied historically had not reported data to third parties. Cortera was the first service Allied used. We have been extremely impressed with the results and the daily updates on our debtors.

Gen Merritt-Parikh, Chief Operating Officer


Cortera enables us to dramatically reduce the cost of credit scoring while at the same time improving our decision hit rate through better information coverage. Their no-nonsense approach combined with their reputation among our peers made our decision to move to Cortera an easy choice.

Norma Fetherman, Chief Credit Officer

Samuel, Son & Co., Limited

As a Credit Manager, I always try to make sure we are spending our credit reporting dollars efficiently, and Cortera fits that mold for us. Pulse helps us take a proactive and responsible approach to Credit Management, allowing us to monitor our customers on a daily and monthly basis.

Ed Walsh, Credit Manager

Federated Insurance

When Federated moved to a robotic batch order style of report ordering the value Cortera provides really increased. Cortera working with Federated to get this accomplished was excellent and we’ve continued to have great results.

Tanner J. Grimmius, P&C Product Analyst