Better data, better decisions

Our customers use Cortera products to make better business decisions. From providing unique data on demand to monitoring customer portfolios for changes in risk to automating workflows, Cortera products increase your understanding of your customers, prospects and suppliers, empowering you to make better decisions.

Our solutions range from a low-cost, high-value monitoring package designed to provide credit professionals with daily alerts to seamless real-time data feeds that enrich banking, insurance and numerous other applications for our customers.

At Cortera, we pride ourselves in constant innovation to provide our customers with the most powerful solutions possible.  This innovation is enabled by SOFIETM, our proprietary technology platform for rapid data processing, robust analytics and flexible data access.


Cortera Pulse®

  • Monitors and analyzes all your customers for credit risk and key changes/events you should be aware of
  • Identifies risky customers as well as growing customers signaling you to upsell opportunities
  • Sends you daily alerts about changes in your customers’ business behavior so you’re not surprised
  • Provides portfolio reports and analytics

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  • Append scores and other insights about your customers, prospects and suppliers
  • Web-based, self-service allows speedy access to critical information
  • Pay for only the data elements you need

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B2B Reports

  • Variety of reports starting as low as $2.50/report
  • Comprehensive Cortera Deep Dive reports are only $6.00/report on US and Canadian businesses

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  • Credit decisioning and collections platform
  • Automates workflows for approving credit and collecting debt
  • Enables flexible access to additional credit bureaus’ data and scores

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  • XML web services accessible through REST and SOAP
  • Get access to business data and analytics to feed your application
  • Pay for only the data elements you need

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Delivering high quality data solutions at attractively low prices

Pricing should be transparent and flexible. Cortera believes in price transparency, making sure you know how much something is going to cost and not developing convoluted “bundles”. Additionally, we provide flexibility, allowing you to pay for just what you need and not forcing a one-size-fits-all product set on you. It may have made sense in the “good old days” to charge more, but with the lower costs inherent with today’s technology and storage options, Cortera passes the price savings on to our customers.

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