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Success Stories

For over 20 years Cortera®, has been at the forefront of delivering solutions with you in mind. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 organization, Cortera has a product for you. Check out what your peers are saying below.

advance_business_capital“We’ve been extremely impressed by both the quality and coverage of Cortera’s information. Their score has worked beautifully.”

Jammye Reeves, Credit Manager

AG-Logo“Cortera Pulse enables us to go into a situation prepared with the information clearly communicated, allowing us to make a more informed decision. I would highly recommend using Cortera Pulse for your A/R monitoring and reporting needs.”

-Darlene Montgomery, A/R Manager

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allied_banner_1“Allied historically had not reported data to third parties. Cortera was the first service Allied used. We have been extremely impressed with the results and the daily updates on our debtors.”

Gen Merritt-Parikh, Chief Operating Officer

logoalliedhdr“Cortera enables us to dramatically reduce the cost of credit scoring while at the same time improving our decision hit rate through better information coverage. Their no-nonsense approach combined with their reputation among our peers made our decision to move to Cortera an easy choice.”

Norma Fetherman, Chief Credit Officer

bse_logo_new-180“Our upper management really likes Cortera’s monthly CFO report and I love the daily alerts. I am impressed with Cortera’s information!”

Mary Jo Sieg, Customer Financial Services Manager

cargill“Cargill has worked with Cortera for several years and the system keeps on delivering impressive results. We expect Cortera’s technology to continue to help us achieve success.”

Chuck Croes, Manager of Credit and Risk Management Solutions

chs“We selected Cortera’s eCredit software because it provides the full range of features that most closely fits the needs of our credit department, eCredit allows us to streamline our credit analysis processes and gain increased visibility into our customers’ ability to pay.”

Dan Beal, Director of Credit

comdata“As a leader in the area of credit decision automation, Cortera provides our credit and collections analysts with powerful tools to minimize bad debt and identify previously lost revenue opportunities.”

Walt Hannabass, Sr Vice President of Credit & Collections

cmark“I’ve tried all the other customer monitoring tools on the market. Hands down, Cortera is better than anything else available.”

Richard T. Packard, Vice President / Portfolio Manager

cmark“I have been very happy with Cortera. The information from Cortera is on par with what you get from D&B, only it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. I use Cortera’s $4 Risk Reports to gauge credit worthiness for my new customers. In my experience, using Cortera has been very impactful in helping me (and my organization) establish credit limits and determine a customer’s ability to pay us.”

Joe Mehrer, Credit & Collections Manager

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DH-80pxH“In my nearly 20 years in the commercial credit industry, the level of service, support and partnership I found at Cortera has been unparalleled.”

Tony Warfield, Director of Credit Services

Daylight“Cortera provides us with the high quality information we need to get the decision right every time. When it comes to credit reports, Cortera is our first choice.”

Ric Hans, Manager Credit and Collections

electrolux“We’re a sizeable, multi-business unit organization with complex processes and diverse sets of financial data. Cortera delivered the only credit risk management solution that could be customized to our own proprietary risk assessment methodology.”

Arne Antonsson, Chief Credit Officer, Group Treasury

ferguson“Thanks Cortera! Almost immediately after signing up for PULSE you caught a $300,000 Federal Tax Lien on an account. We were able to react and protect ourselves in time.”

John Culbert, Vice President of Credit

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logo_freightquote“Cortera gives us relevant data, not just aggregate information. How a particular shipper is paying the electricity company is not as important to me as how this company is paying its freight bills. Cortera reports provide this valuable information.”

Eric Votaw, Sr. Manager – Corporate Credit & Cash Application

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H&E“There are times when Pulse has saved us thousands of dollars by making us aware of these risks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.”

-Nina Flurer, Regional Credit Manager

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Interstate Companies“We manage our Company’s portfolio risk through the use of Cortera’s monthly CFO reports. The data in the reports allows me to quickly and easily take action. Our CEO and CFO both view Cortera’s monthly CFO Report and have stated that the data is presented in a very easy-to-read, digestible format, where you can clearly see what is going on with the overall financial health of your customers.”

-James Sarkkinen, Credit Manager

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jacobus_logo“We wanted the best credit and collections software to manage the relationships we’ve developed over the last 80 years and Cortera continues to deliver the fullest range of features and functionality we need.”

David Schier, Credit Manager

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“We’ve always believed that Cortera was the most innovative, technology focused and cost effective leader in the business credit reporting industry and those beliefs have only been strengthened through our use of Cortera PULSE.”

Brian Duckworth, Senior Manager Freight Collections

lg“Combined with a strong track record in the electronics industry, Cortera offers the kind of flexibility that a fast-growing company like LGEUS needs.”

ID Kim, Credit Director, LG Electronics USA, Inc., (LGEUS)

mayer“Cortera offers unique benefits that no other credit management solutions provider could present.”

David Morgan, Chief Financial Officer

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“Cortera is one of the true innovators in our market. We’ve worked with them for years and I have only great things to say. Their new community approach to credit reporting is yet another example of their industry leadership.”

Tom Prendergast, Credit Manager

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ryder“Since deploying Cortera’s eCredit solutions, Ryder has reduced the risk level of its customer portfolio by 5 percent…we are experiencing the lowest write-off volume in six years.”

Douglas Hansen, Director of Receivables Management

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“I run a Credit Department where we manage several thousand accounts. Cortera has helped us assess credit lines for our customers and also provided us with information regarding changes that may happen without our knowledge.”

Ed Walsh, Credit Manager

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kmcstock_logo-e1275517381510“With Cortera we were able to cut our D&B contract by 50% this year and hope to cut it another 50% next year. We just love Cortera credit reports.”

Debie Wangsgard CCE, Corporate Credit

winwholesale-180“Why should I pay $50 for a report when I can get more data on the CPR for less. I recommend Cortera because they are a great company to work with and they are on my team.”

Judy Waters, Director of Credit

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xerox“At Xerox Canada, we are continually looking at ways to make it easier for our customers to do business with us, and working with Cortera allows us to continue delivering on that important objective.”

Tony Martino, Vice President, Business Strategy, Xerox Canada

xtra“Cortera’s technology and information are very strong, but what really distinguished Cortera was that I knew their people understood credit.”

John Pomilio, Vice President, Customer Financial Services

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Improve ROI with Automation: eCredit Workflow Platform Overview

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How CFO’s Use B2B Purchase Behavior to Increase Revenue & Reduce Risk

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Building a World-Class Credit Operation Through Technology

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Success with Cortera: Judy Waters, Director of Credit, WinWholesale

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